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MJ Deziel On Building A Mobile B2B2C Business In The Hair & Beauty Industry

January 15, 2018

[058] On this week's episode, Killian and Zoe welcome Montreal-based hairstylist MJ Déziel to the show. Since graduating from "L'école des métiers des Faubourgs-de-Montréal" in 2012, MJ Déziel has been keeping herself very busy. She was recruited by the RedKen Canada Art Team, travelled the country to offer development classes, perfected her own training in London, Dublin, Tokyo and Las Vegas and has even launched her own business after spending some time working for other salon owners under commission-based business models.

In this episode, she discusses her business model for The Regulars, a company she co-founded in 2015, with her partner Philippe Bélanger, and which provides mobile B2B2C lifestyle and wellbeing services.


MJ Déziel (Instagram)

Redken (Instagram)

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