039 | Richard McCabe On Building A Salon Culture & Systemising Business Operations

August 21, 2017

On this week's Phorest FM episode, Killian and Zoe interview iSalon Coach Richard McCabe, a highly motivated salon business coach who has a proven track record in providing exemplary levels of service to salons. He has been a salon owner for over 25 years, and also built three salons from scratch in two different countries. His passion to deliver value-focused solutions whilst beating expectations is based on the idea of working smarter and leaving the harder for others. On this episode of Phorest FM, he discusses building a salon culture and systemising the operations.

As usual, the show is topped off with the upcoming Phorest Academy Webinars!

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Co-hosted by Killian Vigna and Zoe Belisle-Springer (Phorest Salon Software)
Special guest: Richard McCabe (iSalon Coaching)


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