048 | Jennie Lawson On Building The UK’s First Eco-Innovative Salon

October 23, 2017

This week on Phorest FM, Killian and Zoe interview salon owner Jennie Lawson from Mimosa Beauty, in Chelmsford, UK.

Scuba diver on her days off, Jennie has committed herself to helping save the planet and our oceans from the plastic crisis we have happening all around us. In this episode, she discusses the idea of eco-innovation, why she holds the matter close to her heart and what it involves business-wise, apart from well... money, of course!


With her eco-friendly salon, Jennie Lawson is on a mission to help save this planet. What are you doing to help the environment? Let's start a conversation, leave a comment below!

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Co-hosted by Killian Vigna and Zoe Belisle-Springer (Phorest Salon Software)
Special guest: Jennie Lawson (Mimosa Beauty)


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