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Nicola Sharp On Salon Experience & Preparing For GDPR In The UK

March 19, 2018

[067] The closer in time we get to May 25th, the higher the chances that businesses will be facing a much more GDPR-concerned and ‘private’ customer. For a salon who prides itself on delivering a standout salon experience, could GDPR turn into an opportunity to build even more trust with existing and potential clients? And for salons based in the UK, also in the midst of dealing with Brexit, is GDPR taken just as seriously as it is within the EU? 

On this week's episode of Phorest FM, Killian and Zoe take the pulse of the situation as they are joined by Nicola Sharp, owner of award-winning salon Enhance Beauty & Spa, in Penicuik, and whose mission is all about providing the best salon experience.


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4 Minute Intro, GDPR For Your Salon

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How To Use GDPR To Build Trust And Show Clients You Care

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The Phorest Academy Salon GDPR Masterclass

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