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085 | James Parnell On Managing Your Energy & Getting Stuff Done

September 28, 2018

There are two types of people in the world: those who never seem to have enough time on their hands, and those who always seem to achieve so much more than everyone else in the space of the same 24 hours.

In which category do you fit? Are you the type to think: "Wouldn't it be amazing if I could get an extra hour or two a day?"

You're not alone. A whole lot of people feel the same way.

This week on Phorest FM, Killian & Zoe are joined by James Parnell, Founder and Lead Coach at The WellBeing Gym. James is known to create sustainable performance improvements and increase creativity, clarity of thinking and decision making. Time management is merely a new concept. But this episode isn't just about time. It's about energy, daily routines, timeboxing, efficiency versus productivity, and so much more.

Ready to find those 1-2 extra hours in your day?


Co-hosted by Killian Vigna and Zoe Belisle-Springer (Phorest Salon Software)

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