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Luke Doolin & Helen Devenney On Reaching 68% More Of Your Client Marketing Database

October 8, 2018

[088] The facts: a lot of clients don't have an email address on file, emails take on average 48 hours to be opened/read, and their open rate is around 23%. The truth? Chances are you're missing out on marketing to at least 68% of your client database. Not to say that you shouldn't be doing email marketing. You should. But what if there was a way to get a hold of all those clients who didn't have an email on file?

If aligned with existing email campaigns, SMS marketing becomes a direct and invaluable tool to get your clients back in salons and spas more often. To discuss this whole 'SMS in support of Email' concept, Killian and Zoe welcome back two Phorest in-house guests to the show: Luke Doolin and Helen Devenney, from the Grow and Education teams respectively. For this episode of Phorest FM, expect some in-depth explanations about what works best for the hair and beauty industry, some laughs and a few announcements!


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