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Retain The 9%: The Impacts Of The Irish Government VAT Increase On Hairdressing

October 22, 2018

[089] Unwelcome news in the Irish hairdressing industry this month. On October 9th, 2018, the Irish Minister for Finance announced a VAT (Value Added Tax) increase for hairdressing services along with a rise in National Minimum Wage and employers PRSI contribution, resulting in an industry call-to-action held on October 23rd, 2018.

To take the pulse on the matter, Killian and Zoe are bringing you straight into the action of the Hairdressing Council of Ireland's Protest March to gather clips from the protest, interviews featuring Bridget Haren and Sean Taaffe, President and Vice President of the Hairdressing Council of Ireland as well as a discussion with Phorest's very own Declan Kehoe and Lisa O'Brien.

Disclaimer: VAT & Beauty Salons

Phorest Salon Software's stance: Beauty salons have always been on the 13.5% VAT rate. However, we strongly believe VAT rates for both should be reduced to 9%, given as both types of salons face similar challenges. Read more in CEO Ronan Perceval's letter to the industry here.


Hairdressing Council of Ireland (Protest March)

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