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March Monthly Round-Up

March 25, 2019

[109] Did you miss an episode this month? Catch up on everything that's happened in March with Killian and Zoe's round-up. On the agenda: Phorest's latest feature releases, bits from the Thrive Session workshop in Seattle, highlights from the some of the popular articles published in March and snippets from our previous interviews with salon coaches Steve Gomez and Ryan Power.


Good, Better, Best: Introducing The Predictive Rebooking SMS Feature

3 Female Bosses From The Salon Industry Discuss Leadership

Top 10 Rules For Creating An Efficient Salon Staff Rota

Steve Gomez, Business Coaching

Ryan Power, Salon Business Superstars

Join the #30Days2Grow Salon Challenge (Starts April 1st, 2019)

Book a consultation on The Salon Mentorship Hub

Salon Owners Summit: The Roadshow, April 15, 2019

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