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Switching Salon Software: Insider Tips For A Seamless Transition

June 10, 2019

[120] For many, opening a salon is a thrilling, yet scary experience. After a while though, once the wheels are in motion, habits start forming. After a couple years, the salon runs things a certain way, and the thought of changing that up by switching salon software, for instance, is likely to trigger some fear.

Fear for creating a short period of instability; that it won’t work out the way you imagined it would. Fear that you’ll lose data or that your staff won’t get it. Fear of leaving a comfort zone.

Our brains consider what is known to be far safer. The only way past this is to some research, plan things as best as you can and make educated decisions. Featuring Paul Kiersey (Phorest Onboarding Team Lead) and Will Hulihan (Phorest Brand Ambassador), this week’s episode focuses on insider tips for a seamless transition from one salon software company to another.


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