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Dawn Bradley On Setting Healthy Back To Work Boundaries

April 20, 2020

[160] "If you are a hairstylist, sleep now — because when this is all over you better have your doors open 24/7 for the amount of un-groomed, boxed hair dyed, home cut bangs you're going to have to fix." NO — that's a hard no. If you're too busy to take care of yourself, how do you expect to deliver the quality standards in customer service that you hold yourself accountable to?

Collectively, we're currently navigating financial instability, trauma, grief, fear of losing loved ones, etc. Individually, we all have different thresholds to dealing with every situation from that list. In the hair and beauty industry specifically, knowing what to do now to best prepare for the return to trading is stressing more than one. The day salons and spas reopen will come, and with that, work stress will follow — it's fine, it's inevitable. However, if you don't set healthy boundaries for yourself now, in the long run, you run the risk of burning out.

In this episode, podcaster, educator and hairstylist Dawn Bradley (@dawnbradleyhair) opens up about her scary tango with burnout, discusses scarcity mindset, how to set healthy boundaries and ultimately, how to avoid running yourself to the ground once lockdowns get lifted and there's an influx in demand.


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