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Meabh Quoirin On Consumer Trends & Insights To Shape The Industry’s Future

July 13, 2020

[171] The industry is likely never to go back to the way it operated before COVID-19. As salons and spas progressively reopen, they are also shaping a new normal.

Before the pandemic, people conceived of beauty experiences in four main ways: convenience, skills, pampering and an indulgent experience, and finally, a sense of connection and community, visiting the same beautician every single time and being able to talk about personal and beauty-related issues. Will that remain true for years to come? That's what companies like Foresight Factory are in the business of predicting.

Featuring CEO and co-owner of Foresight Factory, Meabh Quoirin, this week's episode discusses consumer trends and insights that are changing the hair & beauty industry's foreseeable future.


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