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Prof. Denise Baden On Sustainability & Motivating Eco-Friendly Behaviours In The Salon Industry

July 15, 2019

[125] With the damage to our environment and the increase of plastic waste an ever growing concern, becoming more knowledgeable about the products we use, our actions and habits is key in discovering how we can make friendlier choices for both the environment as well as for ourselves.

In 2012, Professor Denise Baden from the Southampton Business School was awarded funds from the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) to engage with hairdressers and their clients to establish more sustainable practices. Following the success of this project, she has since been working with awarding organisations to further embed sustainability into the industry’s practices. A couple of weeks out of Conscious Hair & Beauty taking place in London at which Professor Denise Baden will be speaking, this episode explores ways to motivate eco-friendly behaviours and sustainable solutions in the salon industry.


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