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Ronit Enos On Financial Literacy & Changing Salons’ Money Stories

November 18, 2019

[140] Money is great, right? Making lots of money is even better, right? But let's ask ourselves why. Why do we want more money? Like it or not, money brings shame and confusion. It's intimidating, and we make up stories about money that aren't true.

What's your money story? Maybe you grew up with too little? Too much? Perhaps you were taught that it was wrong to want more? To ignore the money because it just caused too many problems? We bring all those stories into adult life and our businesses. Numbers and finances can be overwhelming and can paralyse you if you let them. But you don't have to.

Featuring Ronit Enos, salon and spa business coach and the creator of, this week’s conversation is all about changing your money story.


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