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Zane Hagy On Resilience, Crisis Communication & Paving Your Own Way

May 18, 2020

[164] In times of uncertainty, our natural inclination is often to look for answers and validation in others to make sure we're doing things right. What we tend to forget, though, is that someone else's decision about their business might not be the right one for us (no matter how good the idea or action is). When it comes to your brand, your business, do what feels right for you. Learn from the past and others, only to then pave your very own way.

Featuring PR and marketing professional Zane Hagy, this week's conversation explores crisis communication, the concept of resilience and the power that lies in being a black sheep.


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Click to read 'Be a Black Sheep' (written by Zane Hagy)

Click to read 'Communicating in Times of Crisis' (written by Zane Hagy)

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